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Here is a list of scripts that I've developed to help me with my Internet Marketing business. I'm sure you'll find them very handy as well.

Email Link Encoder

Reduce your SPAM today, by never having your email address visible to online spam robots. Make sure it's encoded first. This FREE script will encode your email address for you.

Online Email Link Encoder

Affiliate Link Cloaker

Are you an affiliate for someone elses online product, then you need to cloak your affiliate links and secure your commissions as well as being more professional in the links you display in your promotions.

Online Affiliate Link Cloaker

Tell A Friend Script

This script sends an email to you (the owner), to the friend, and to the sender, all targeted to offer something special to the sender as a thank you for passing on the word. You should always give them a bonus.

Tell A Friend Script

404 Email Alert Script

This script will send you a detailed email when a 404 page not found error message is triggered. This is extremely helpful to be notified immediately if you have a broken link on your site, and also to be notified of online theives fishing for your download area and product.

404 Email Alert Script

More Yet To Come...


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